Security Overwatch


Security Overwatch

  • Stay ahead of advanced threats with Applied Threat Intelligence that uses over 30 years of internet cataloging and a threat catalog including millions of known malicious domains and IPs

  • Enable threat hunting and forensics with full logging of outbound requests, both blocked and allowed

  • Save precious time with a cloud firewall that writes the rules for you

  • Correlate events across deployments with reporting for all cloud instances in your environment through the optional Central Dashboard


Key Features

  • Safe Browsing
  • Domain Filtering
  • Phishing Protection
  • Zero Day Protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Download Protection
  • Command & Control Protection
  • Anti-Bot Protection
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Anti-Virus/Malware Protection
  • Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Threat Hunting & Forensics Support
  • Blocks Unknown Domains
  • Machine Learning
  • Firewall Rules
  • Applied Threat Intelligence

Case Studies


Financial Services



  • 4,000 employees
  • $2.8 bn firm
  • Headquartered in NY
Company Profile

Using these results, the company was able to determine risk tolerance for its digital programs, data operations and IT systems.

The company initiated a program to prioritize risk mitigation efforts according to the cost of risk. This allowed the bulk of digital risk resources, budgets, and personnel to be reallocated efficiently.

Company Outcome

  • Leadership gained awareness of digital risk impact, accurate probabilities, and associated carrying costs


  • Management was able for the first time to access an informed discussion of cybersecurity risks and options


  • Company was able to reduce cyber risk carrying costs by 8.2% and recover $25mm in costs in the first year
Discussion of Results