AnyCloud Orchestration


AnyCloud Orchestration

A powerful platform that allows any software environment to be deployed automatically into any cloud environment securely with all resources and costing included. This can be done across clouds and physical data centers to create effective hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Key Features

  • Drag & Drop Creation
  • Multi-Cloud Capability
  • Hybrid-Cloud Capability
  • Full Costing pre-Deployment
  • Secure Interface
  • All Virtual Components Configurable
  • Accelerated Transformation
  • Automated Migration
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Fully Automated Deployments
  • Cloud Mapping
  • DC to DC Transfer
  • Storage Migration
  • Mainframe Transformation

Case Studies


Financial Services



  • 4,000 employees
  • $2.8 bn firm
  • Headquartered in NY
Company Profile

Using these results, the company was able to determine risk tolerance for its digital programs, data operations and IT systems.

The company initiated a program to prioritize risk mitigation efforts according to the cost of risk. This allowed the bulk of digital risk resources, budgets, and personnel to be reallocated efficiently.

Company Outcome

  • Leadership gained awareness of digital risk impact, accurate probabilities, and associated carrying costs


  • Management was able for the first time to access an informed discussion of cybersecurity risks and options


  • Company was able to reduce cyber risk carrying costs by 8.2% and recover $25mm in costs in the first year
Discussion of Results